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Single Pilates session on equipment
A private session provides hands on, individual training with the instructor. Each session and overall program is carefully tailored to an individual.
Private sessions are strongly recommended for beginners, anyone with an injury or special needs (as pre/post-pregnancy, scoliosis, incontinence) and those looking for an intensive one-on-one session (as improvement in specific sport - golf, biking, swimming..)
Free consultation on postural analysis is included and essential.

1 class – 700 Kč
10 classes – 6.000 (600 Kč / class) – non-refundable *
20 classes – 10.000 (500 Kč / class) – non-refundable *

Duet Pilates session - on equipment
In a duet session, the instructor works with two students together. Each student receives individual attention with verbal cues and physical adjustments specifically for her/his needs. Students will use Pilates equipment and will incorporate Matwork into each session.
Duets are a cost effective way to get a personalized workout. It’s also nice to workout with a friend, colleague or partner to help keep you motivated.

1 class – 600 Kč (1 person)
10 classes – 5.000 Kč (500 Kč / class / 1 person) – non-refundable *
20 classes – 8.000 Kč (400 Kč / class / 1 person) – non-refundable *

Group Pilates class - on equipment
Small group sessions (max. 6 students) are a little more economical per participant than a private session, but still allows for plenty of individual assessment, guidance and monitoring.
Join an existing group or create your own class with friends.
It's important to go through orientation session first to learn the Basic Principles of STOTT PILATES® and become familiarized with the different apparatus.

GROUP PILATES on equipment
1 class – 330 Kč
10 classes – 3.100 Kč (310 Kč / class) – non-refundable *
20 classes – 5.800 Kč (290 Kč / class) – non-refundable *

Group Pilates class - on mat
For maximum of 12 students.
Various mat and equipment exercises can be approached in these sessions (arc barrels, Edge, foam rollers, fitness rings, heavy balls, fitness balls etc.) Join an existing group or create your own class with friends.

1 class – 120 Kč
10 classes – 1100 Kč (110 Kč / class) – non-refundable *
20 classes – 2000 Kč (100 Kč / class) – non-refundable *

* notes:
  • your card of 10 or 20 classes is valid for 6 months and is non-refundable
  • it's possible to pay with installments if you request
  • payments:
    bank account: 670100-2208503407/6210  mbank (please write your name and the name of the lesson) (policies)
  • reservations:
    Jitka Miškářová (prev. Kadishi) +420-728-054-692,
  • we offer free consultations, don't hesitate to contact us with questions

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