Coconut truffles

This is my healthy version of all kind of truffle recipes and it turned out to be very tasty!

100g rolled oats
100g shredded coconut + some for coating
100g honey
2tsp amaretto (or any other liqueur)
2 cups hazel nuts (soak over night)
100g curd (or cottage cheese or thina)
150g hot water
6pcs big juicy dates  

Mix oats well with hot water, let cool down a little, mix in the rest of ingredients except nuts. Place in the freezer and let the dough a little harden, it's easier to mold into balls.  

Make the balls:
Wash the soaked nuts very well, form the dough into balls with 1 hazelnut inside then roll the ball over coconut to coat. walla Keep in freezer.  

Keep health in mind:
never heat honey
always soak nuts before eating
buy organic products