Pilates and yoga injuries

I've listened to Susi Hately's short radio interview and was nodding. She talks about yoga but I recommend this audio to all Pilates practitioners as she talks about how each individual is responsible for implementing an exercise and why it shouldn't hurt to exercise.

The true is that "push push push go go go" approach can hurt you. I usually use the term "stop thinking you are in the gym" when students are looking for quick or strong movements. To prevent any injury we need to use the correct technique, right breathing and all Pilates principles.

I see Pilates students many times moving too fast when I cue slow down or going for more difficult version of an exercise although I recommend the basic one for those who have issues with low back, shoulder or neck stability.

To understand our bodies we need patience, regular practice and master the basics first before we can go any further. Sometimes less is more. We really don't need to stand on our heads to get a good workout. Start to enjoy basic Pilates!