What is Pilates

What is Pilates?
Pilates, pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates, is a
mind-body exercise system designed to strengthen
the weak and challenge the strong. Pilates (1880-
1967) was a German expatriate who first made his
mark in England during WWI when he developed
a series of exercises and innovative equipment to
help prisoners of war regain strength and mobility.
When Joseph Pilates immigrated to New York, the
local professional dance community discovered that
his conditioning techniques helped prevent injury
and improve strength while maintaining long, even
muscle tone. This sparked a vast following of the
method of exercise.

Why is Pilates the fastest-growing method of exercise?
People are becoming increasingly more interested in
fitness modalities that help relieve stress. They’re
also much more interested in prevention and taking
care of their bodies. They want to stay fit and look
good for as long as possible. Pilates is complementary
to many traditional ways of working out. It’s excellent
for all ages, fitness levels and goals. Its mind-body
aspect is even said to be useful in preventing
stress-related illnesses like heart disease.

Can anyone do Pilates?
No form of exercise is appropriate for everyone,
but STOTT PILATES exercise is appropriate for most
people. As with any exercise method, you should
always consult with a medical expert before
beginning an exercise regime. A modified program
may be recommended if you have any physical
limitations. Everyone from serious fitness
enthusiasts, to rehab patients, elite athletes,
and prenatal clients will see a difference.

I have a bad back. Will I be able to do Pilates?
Although you should always consult your physician
before starting any fitness routine, a Pilates workout
is gentle and controlled with no sudden jarring actions.
It is more important, however, that you workwith a
qualified instructor to ensure that you are doing the
movements correctly. An experienced instructor will
be able to modify the exercises to accommodate
your limitations,continually challengeyou within
your ability, and monitor your improvements. If you
commit yourself to a consistent workout schedule
you will certainly feel results.

Should Pilates replace my regular workout?
STOTT PILATES exercise is a musculo-skeletal
conditioning program. It’s ideal in combination
with some kind of cardiovascular exercise
(walking, running, aerobics, aqua fitness etc.),
and a great complement to your weight training
program or athletic training.

Can Pilates help me lose weight? If so, how much?
Pilates can be a positive addition to your overall
weight-loss program. Weight loss occurs when the
number of calories consumed is less than the number
of calories expended. The most successful and healthy
way to achieve weight loss is an exercise plan that
includes an aerobic component coupled with a
strength training component, such as STOTT PILATES
exercise,and following a balanced diet. Combining
Pilates with aerobic exercise also offers additional
benefits: greater mind-body connection, improved
posture, flexibility and functionality.

Why do celebrities do Pilates?
Many celebrities choose Pilates because not only
does it improve their physical appearance, it also
helps with their stamina, stress relief, and focus.

Pilates is invigorating and helps people feel
destressed. For celebrities,on whom the outer
world places a spotlight, Pilates allows them to
“get away from it all” by internalizing and
connecting the mind to the body. Celebrities known
to do Pilates include: Cheryl Tiegs, Sandra Bullock,
Ellen DeGeneres, Rod Stewart, Sting, Martha
Stewart, Rob Morrow, Victor Garber, Sofia Coppola,
Veronica Tennant, Jennifer Aniston, and Tiger Woods.

Is it true athletes do Pilates?
Despite its slow, careful movements, Pilates is not
for wimps! Pro athletes like NHL player Eddie Belfour,
NBA star Kobe Bryant, and Tennis pro Martina
Navratilova benefit from using STOTT PILATES
equipment and instruction. The STOTT PILATES
method places importance on core stability and
rebalancing the muscles making them work more
efficiently. This helps prevent injury and improves
athletic ability.

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