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  • studio Pilates Point, Jílová 29b, Brno, mapa
  • Vídeňská street across Union
    tram stop Celní: lines 2, 5, 6, 7, 82, 90, 91
    free parking
  • Jitka Miškářová (prev.Kadishi)
    tel: +420-728-054-692
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Jitka Kadishi

I have been a fitness instructor for more than 15 years, teaching all over the world in my funny English and later in my funny Hebrew. I'm a very curious person and have tried and taught all kinds of group exercises (step aerobics, kickboxing, fitballs, back management, sculpt and tone, interval training etc.) as well as teaching privately. So far Pilates is the best method I've ever learned and I've been teaching it since 2003 (in Sydney - Australia, Albuquerque - NM, USA and many places in Israel).

I'm interested in anatomy and physiology (lower back issues, pelvic floor) and I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to show you how Pilates can impact your body for a lifetime.

Myself having scoliosis when being a teenager and having had to go through 6 o'clock morning exercise torture under an evil eye of a nurse before going to school somehow didn't make me hate sports. I love the outdoors the most (hiking, skiing, swimming, biking) and Pilates makes me strong to be able to enjoy it.

I believe working with you one-on-one is the absolute best way to help you achieve your fitness goals. You won't find a big schedule of classes here, but an opportunity to learn, grow, improve your strength, flexibility, balance and body awareness in an individual, personally created Pilates program. I approach Pilates exercise with an open mind and an open heart allowing you to learn in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

2011 STOTT PILATES – Instructor Trainer Course (Stefania Della Pia, Milano, Italy)

2011 STOTT PILATES  – Postural Analysis and Application
2010  Thomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains (Mike Doxey, Linz, Austria)
2010  STOTT PILATES – Breast cancer on Mat and equipment
2010  STOTT PILATES – Reformer-Jump board Interval Training
- level 1&2 
2009  STOTT PILATES – Programming for Scoliosis Management
2009  STOTT PILATES – Programming for Osteoporosis Management
2008  STOTT PILATES full certification - advanced (Matwork, Reformer, and Cadillac, Chair & Barrels)
2008  STOTT PILATES – AM, AR, ACCB (with Daniela Mallach, Israel)
2008  AFAA - Aerobic Instructor Diploma (USA)
2007  STOTT PILATES – ISP - Injuries & Special Populations (with Daniela Mallach, Israel)
2007  The Pyramid of Support – stabilization and rehabilitation of the lumbo - pelvic region related to   pre&post natal (with Daniela Mallach, Israel)
2006  AFAA - Aerobic Instructor Diploma (USA)
2006  STOTT PILATES – IR. ICCB (with Daniela Mallach, Israel)
2005  STOTT PILATES – IMP (with Daniela Mallach, Israel)
2004  AFAA - Aerobic Instructor Diploma (USA)
2002  Fitness Network - Pilates Matwork Certification (with Michael King – Pilates Institute UK, Australia)
2002  The Fitness Australia National Fitness – Group Exercise Instructor (Australia) 
2001  Fitour - Pilates for Fitness (with Ellen Barrett, USA)
2001  AFAA - Aerobic Instructor Diploma (USA)
2000  Fitour - Kickboxing Certificate (with Katalin Zamiar, USA)
1999  AFAA - Aerobic Instructor Diploma (USA)
1997  Brno Aerobic School - Aerobic Instructor Diploma (Czech rep.)


ph: +420-728-054-692
Pilates Point, Jílová 29b, Brno